Anita’s Healthy Kitchen standing behind some of her producs

I have a very sweet tooth. So, when I gave up smoking almost three years ago, I ate my way through a chocolate mountain! 

I realised that I had to stop, or I would kill myself through over eating. But I also knew my limitations. Knowing that I would need a sweet replacement inspired my to do a bit of research and experimenting to give me some healthy treats and stop me from falling of the wagon! 

Between losing the weight and talking to people, my treats became popular. Someone suggested I sell them, so I started with friends and family, eventually gaining the attention of Anne Forde in Poppyseed who told me to register my kitchen and she'd stock them I them in her cafés. 

Six months in and I am in Poppyseed in Clarinbridge, Oranmore and Eyre St in Galway, 37 West, 56 Central, Chopped in Newcastle and I'm in the Food academy so will start to roll out in Super Valu in September. I've also been asked to submit samples for the Lidl Kickstart programme, delivering this Friday so I'm really excited for that! From there? The rest of the world!