Group of children from diverse cultures pictured at a food festival celebrating multiculturalism.

In all cultures the sharing of food brings people together. Bia Lover is hosting an outdoor community feast, Incredible Edible, to celebrate Galway’s designation as European Region of Gastronomy 2018 in the Community Park in front of Athenry Castle on Friday 16th June 2017 from 7pm to 10pm.

Incredible Edible will, through a shared love of food, celebrate the diverse cultural groups that form part of Galway’s modern community.

Incredible Edible is a free, family friendly event where everyone is invited to bring food that reflects their cultural or traditional backgrounds, to taste and share with the community in a buffet style party with live music, craft beers and entertainment.

This is your Galway, your Ireland, so join the celebrations with us.

For further details or to participate contact